LUVOSmove®: Insights and External Views (Colloquium)

In the winter semester of 2021, Editta Braun will teach the LUVOSmove® technique for the first time as part of an elective module at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (ABPU)/Institute for Dance Arts (IDA): Body Illusion Theater - The LUVOSmove®-Technique (Elective_V) Mon, 8 to Fri, 12 November 2021.

This artistic-practical teaching is also to be reflected upon theoretically/scientifically in a concluding colloquium. The aim of this exchange between art and science is to make an important building block of recent Austrian dance history accessible to both young artists and scientific research with the repertoire developed by the  e b c.

At a colloquium/research unit on 12 November 2021, the students will analyse and discuss the history of the development, production aesthetics and principles of effect of this body illusion theatre together with representatives from the arts and sciences.

In addition to the practical part of the elective, the results of which will be presented in a showing at the beginning of the day of reflection, the participants will be able to experience a public performance by  e b c with the latest LUVOSmove®-piece "Hydráos" ion 8 November at Posthof Linz.

Based on a comprehensive documentation of the history of the origins and development of the LUVOSmove® technique, as well as a video that allows an insight into all LUVOSmove® productions of the  e b c  on the basis of excerpts, Editta Braun will first describe the most important stages of this continuous movement research at the colloquium in conversation with the theatre scholar and dramaturge of the e b c , Dr. Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau.

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schroedter, professor for the theory of music and movement at the mdw from March 2021 on, will give a keynote lecture on the interweaving of music/sounds and movements/dance in the LUVOSmove® pieces. Preparations for this are taking place within the framework of her DFG project "Body and Sounds in Movement", in which criteria for a music-choreographic or sound-performative analysis of staging and performance are being developed.

Experienced dancers from the LUVOS ensemble of the  e b c  will complement this view from the outside with their internal view of research and performance: Martyna Lorenc, Ulrike Hager and Sonia Borkowicz will provide insights into the special challenges this technique poses for dancers.


1) Guest performance: Mo 8 Nov, 8 pm

Guest performance by the editta braun company with "Hydráos" at Posthof Linz.

2) Artistic Practice: Mon, 8 November - Thu, 11 November, 13.30-18.30 hrs each day

Four days of exploration and mediation of the technique with the development of an approx. 10-minute sequence with the students who have chosen the elective subject.

3) Theoretical Reflection - Artistic Research: Fri, 12 November, 11 am - 5 pm, supplementary colloquium/research unit for Elective participants and interested guests

11.00 Showing of the work done in the Elective by the students

11.30 Panel discussion Editta Braun with Dr. Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau: LUVOSmove®, development and (pre-)history with video and picture material, opportunity for discussion

12.30 Lunch break

13.30 Video statement/interview by Thierry Zaboitzeff: Composing for LUVOSmove® with sound examples

14.00 Impulse lecture by Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schroedter: Interweaving of music/sounds and movements/dance in LUVOSmove® with opportunity for discussion

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Insights: Talks/experience reports from LUVOSmove® dancers

(Anna Maria Müller, Martyna Lorenc, Sonia Borkowicz) and LUVOSmove® lighting designer Thomas Hinterberger

16.00 Final discussion

17.00 End

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schroedter, music and dance scientist

* 1966 in the banlieues of Cologne, habilitated at the FU Berlin in 2015 and received the venia legendi for dance and music studies there. In addition to two monographs, numerous contributions to relevant specialist journals and anthologies. International lecturing activity and organisation of several symposia. She will continue her DFG project "Bodies and Sounds in Movement" from March 2021 as part of her professorship "Theory of Music and Movement/Rhythmics" at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw).

Dr. Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau, theatre scholar, translator

* 1969 in Munich, studied theatre studies in Munich and Paris. After completing her doctorate, she worked as a theatre dramaturge in Salzburg until 1999. Since 2000 she has worked as a freelance dramaturge, editor, translator and author. Dramaturge at  e b c  since 2002, various teaching positions at LMU Munich since 2015.

Ulrike Hager, dancer

* 1980 in Salzburg, trained at the Arts Educational School (London), University of Vienna and ABPU[SS4] Linz, among others. Since 2005 freelance dancer and Pilates trainer, 2009 foundation of the Pilates Studio Innsbruck. Since 2006 member of  e b c  , performs in "Luvos, vol. 2", "CLOSE UP", "Close Up 2.0", "Fanghoumé", "Hydrolákis, vol. 1", among others.

Mag.a. Martyna Lorenc, dancer, choreographer

* 1987 in Poland. Choreographer, performer, researcher. MSc. Cognitive Science, BA Dance & Pedagogy. Long-time member of e b c and C.O.V. Company Off Verticality/Rose Breuss. Engagements with Alex Gottfarb, Alexandra Waierstall, Rosalind Crisp, Georg Blaschke, David Zambrano, a.o. Co-founder of the art collective Lab On Stage. Often creates her choreographic works in experimental formats. Her work draws from interdisciplinary research. Performs with  e b c  in: "planet Luvos", "CLOSE UP", "Close Up 2.0", "Fanghoumé", "Hydráos", "Hydrolákis, vol. 2".

B.A., PG dip. Sonia Borkowicz, dancer, production manager.

* 1993 in Poznań (PL). BA Dance & Pedagogy at ABPU Linz. Engagements with Isabelle Schad, Jianan Qu, Yumiko Yoshioka, Editta Braun. Founding member of the artist collective Collective B. Cultural work in management at Body/Sound/Space and Tanzhafen Festival (Linz/AT). Performs with  e b c  in: "Close Up 2.0", "Fanghoumé", "Hydráos", "Hydrolákis, vol. 3".

Thomas Hinterberger, lighting designer, director

* 1959 in Linz, director and lighting designer, works with various ensembles ( e b c , Taka Tuka Theatre, Stifterhaus Linz, Dramos Teatras Kaunas). Awarded the recognition prize for theatre of the province of Upper Austria in 2004. Lighting designer of  e b c  for all LUVOSmove® productions except "planet LUVOS".

Thierry Zaboitzeff, composer (video contribution)

* 1953 in Northern France, co-founder, composer and style-defining protagonist of the avant-garde rock formation ART ZOYD, world tours. Founded "Zaboitzeff & Crew" in 1999. Freelance composer and musician. Release of 29 albums. Composes for  e b c, among others, the music for all LUVOSmove® productions.

LUVOSmove® - teaching, research